What is the relationship between sex doll price and quality?

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Posted on March 15, 2022

What is the relationship between sex doll price and quality?

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As we all know, the price of any commodity is different. In the eyes of many people, the price and quality of goods are directly proportional. Is it really?Is it like the price sex doll And the quality and fidelity of the sex doll?

Sex dolls also vary in price at UlovRealSexLoveDoll.com stores. For example, sex dolls with the same height of 140cm have different prices. As for whether the price is related to quality, what I want to say is that at this point, there is a certain relationship. Because high-priced sex dolls mean more advantages, high-priced sex dolls must require more costs in some cases, such as using higher-end raw materials, and also with different manufacturers.

Of course, the price of sex dolls is not only related to the manufacturer, but also to the brand. Of course, this also has to do with the sex dolls themselves. For example, the same 165cm sex doll, the price of the big breast doll is higher than that of the medium breast doll. Big breasts and big sex dolls require more raw materials, and the freight to be borne is also more expensive, so this is also the reason for the different prices. Even products of the same brand.

So, for your doubts, I believe you can solve them well here. While cheap dolls can cost us less money, I recommend expensive sex dolls because they are made of raw materials. In the manufacturing process, it is perfect, so the sex dolls produced are of higher quality and more realistic, giving you a lifelike feeling.

Our high-quality, high-quality dolls are washed with revolutionary technology from the United States and Europe. Let more people have cheap dolls. Our sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone, offering a multitude of possibilities and extreme realism.

We offer low price dolls, which means poor quality. In fact, our main goal is to produce non-toxic sex dolls that say “safe” and produce very realistic sex.

Of course, the realism brought depends on the starting budget. The more you gamble, the more super realistic dolls you get, and they will be durable too, with our super realistic silicone doll lifetime warranty. Sex holes in our sex games are very realistic. They are indeed 3D models, ie they are real both outdoors and indoors. So the sexual effects are pretty much the same. The body and touch of the doll will complete the realism of this sexy effect!

We have been able to produce a large number of products without any toxicity and with maximum authenticity. Our silicone dolls and TPE dolls are different. In the long run, they’ll come close to you and complete a disposable doll! Today, we offer sustainable dolls that last for years and require minimal maintenance.

Cheap prices: good or bad quality?

Our sex toys are not expensive, but our principle is to produce good quality sex toys, of course not expensive, but we never ignore the quality. No toxic products, no phthalates, no questionable and sticky materials, we always get good value for money. Don’t let yourself be tempted by deceptive Chinese copies. If the doll reaches a near-fit state, it will leave you with a very sad memory. Our doll models will know how to make a difference.

A new frontier of sex dolls has arrived. All silicone or TPE, both at the sight and touch level, very realistic! The silicone used in our sex toys (these famous sex dolls) is non-toxic. We only use approved and healthy skin materials. Each sex doll has 3 holes, a mouth, a vagina and a hole. All of these holes are in 3D, IE is not a simple hole, it is a true 3D mold that provides a super realistic feel that can be improved depending on the model you choose and your budget. Of course, the more expensive large-format silicone dolls are much more expensive than the 100cm simple TPE dolls.

A lot of people think it’s a good company, but in reality, there’s nothing wrong with it. Yes, many lonely people, maybe not, like a realistic doll company that allows you to relax from any daily stress just by watching. Many of our figures are also displayed at shows, in ready-to-wear stores, and even as photo models to be able to sell the products. In fact, in professional photos, very few people can tell the difference between a sex doll and a real woman.

Whether you need cheap sex dolls or expensive sex dolls, we have the highest quality, most realistic dolls for you. We promise the quality of the dolls, and at the same time promise the integrity of the sex dolls, delivered to you with free shipping to your country.